Saturday, November 9, 2013

16-Year-Old Girl Sentenced To Life In Prison For Killing An Armed Man Who Hired Her For Sex (Video)

Teen Denied The Right To Self-Defense Legal Defense

Warning: video contains sexually explicit language and profanity.

Recently, I watched a riveting documentary on teenage girl Cyntoia Brown, who was arrested at age 16 for shooting a 43-year-old man, who had brought her to his house to have sex with the underage minor. By age 16, Brown had engaged in sexual intercourse with 36 men and women, only four of which she actually wanted to sleep with. Brown, a victim of sexual abuse and rape by a family member, then a pimp who repeatedly exploited her, was given up for adoption by her mother at age two. Her father was physically abusive as well.

Mixed race girl Brown was adopted by a loving mother, but it's amazing how DNA took over and she made the same regrettable choices her biological mother did, without even knowing the two took similar negative paths in life. Brown's grandmother had substance abuse issues. Brown's mother Gina began taking drugs and prostituting herself at age 16. Then Brown, who grew up away from her biological mother, did the same thing at age 16 as well, but ended up committing murder when an incident of prostitution grew out of her control. 

The jury in Tennessee did not view Brown as blameless in the shooting and sentenced her to life in prison for the murder of a man, who was breaking the law in paying for sex with a minor. Now aged 18, Brown fights for her freedom from behind bars, as her public defender files appeals. She has expressed sincere regret over her life choices.

When a sin runs through a family, it tends to grow worse as it hits each generation, if something is not done to correct it. This is why it is important to talk to your kids and discourage them from making the same mistakes you did. Teach your kids that they don't have to make the same wrong choices and there is a better way. Break the cycle. Prayer is a very useful tool as well.   

Some of you are on the cusp of making terrible life decisions that could land you behind bars. Don't do it. There are no shortcuts in life and revenge is not the answer to your problems. As difficult as it may seem at first, do things the right way and take the high road. Even if you've gotten in trouble, do your best to get back on your feet and start again. Don't give up on yourself or let others judge you for your past mistakes. Move forward along the right path.