Wednesday, October 2, 2013

U.S. Government's ObamaCare Website Crashes

Barack Obama

Today marked the inception of ObamaCare. The government website crashed this morning under the strain of 1,000,000 visitors. Congress has officially removed the funding for ObamaCare, which led to the U.S. federal government shutting down for the first time in 17-years, but Americans tried to purchase healthcare anyway. The President acknowledged the government did not anticipate the amount of traffic it received. 

According to CBS News, the Obama administration stated the government needs 2,700,000 young and healthy Americans to sign up for ObamaCare to cover the cost of treating the sick. Americans are required to have health insurance through ObamaCare or their employers. The Republican Party, who successfully yanked the funding for ObamaCare stated the costs of employers implementing the program will financially damage many American businesses.