Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hollywood Cult's Before And After Celebrity Photos (Kabbalah)

The once vibrant and healthy Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears and Amanda Bynes have been destroyed by Kabbalah

The photos posted above of young entertainers Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears and Amanda Bynes, show the before and after, regarding them joining the Hollywood cult Kabbalah and how it wrecked their lives. Three normal, healthy young stars became severely mentally ill, disheveled, depressed and dangerously close to going over the edge.

Spears and Bynes were involuntarily committed to psych wards of hospitals to treat schizophrenia they developed under the sick, mind numbing teachings of Kabbalah, to prevent them from killing themselves or others. Both women are under psychiatric care indefinitely. Lohan has been branded mentally ill by many. She has been in and out of court and jail, while displaying erratic behavior bearing all the signs of mental illness.

In order to control members, they are exposed to satanic rituals, trances and subtle forms of brainwashing utilized by such cults as Jonestown (People's Temple Agricultural Project), David Koresh's Branch Davidians, Charles Manson's the Family and the Heaven's Gate sect. Much like the aforementioned cults, some Kabbalah members have taken their lives or brutally murdered people in high profile incidents that made the news.

Kabbalah members prominently use and display symbols of the occult, such as pentagrams, the Eye of Horus and the Baphomet in their projects and try to influence impressionable audiences with them. They are not well. They are prone to rage and acts of violence. Stay away from them.

It all traces back to Kabbalah's sick philosophy it operates under, via trying to bring out mental illness in people. They call it "Inducing Schizophrenia" a process where they create terrible, harassing situations in people's lives to make them mentally snap.

Negative conditions promoting mental breakdowns they induce are achieved via non-stop disturbing telephone calls, emails and texts, bullying, mental abuse, physical abuse, threats about one's family/love life/job/career, in tandem with illegal wiretapping, hacking and stalking to bully people into believing they know their every move (to simulate paranoia).

This is done to bring about a state of mental illness, where they attempt to push victims over the edge through a series of negative and detrimental situations they create, with the hope they will break and go crazy, clearing the way to exploitation and robbing them of their assets and labor, whilst in this vulnerable mental state. It has worked on dozens of people and resulted in murders and suicides when victims snap.

Let this be a warning to the public to avoid Kabbalah and all Kabbalah Centers, as they are sick, will try to take all you have and destroy your life. What they are teaching people is very mentally unsound. They want your money, property and the opportunity to exploit you in any way they can, to support its leaders, deranged pop singer, Madonna, as well as the equally greedy Berg family, who all live in lavish Beverly Hills mansions, on donated funds that were supposed to help the sick and the poor in America and Africa. Do not give them your money or property via donations. The funds will not go where they state. Hence the criminal investigations against them.

In closing, please logically ask yourself, what kind of sick sect can take once vibrant, coherent, bright, mentally sound women like Spears, Bynes and Lohan and turn them into raving maniacs, who are legally branded a danger to themselves and the public by courts of law and medical professionals.