Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The U.S. Government Shutdown Needs To End

Government Shutdown Hits Week Two

Head of the Republican Party, Senator John Boehner and leader of the Democrat Party, President Barack Obama. Both sides need to sort this or they will have greater financial problems on their hands.

The government shutdown in America, over funding for ObamaCare, needs to end. Both political parties are pointing fingers of blame regarding the shutdown and I am not going to get into that, because it won't solve anything. I am trying to look at it from an unbiased perspective.

The thing I find most concerning is government workers not being paid their wages due to the shutdown. They have monthly financial obligations to meet that will be impacted by the government's decision. America has already seen over 7,000,000 foreclosure filings by banks since the crisis began in 2008.

Multiply that by by the number of people in each of the 7,000,000 households and you realize tens of millions of Americans have been harmed by the financial crisis. A prolonged shutdown will add to those foreclosure figures and create additional undesirable economic effects (people spending less money on gas, food, clothes ect...).

ObamaCare is law. Obama's second term is scheduled to last for another three years. It is unlikely ObamaCare will be repealed during that time. Therefore, as it is law, people need to work with it, especially the government as a whole. The Judiciary Report website has been giving suggestions on ObamaCare since 2009 (Can ObamaCare Work).

I'm not going to pretend I was totally in favor of it, because as I have maintained all along, America needs a health care program, but ObamaCare has significant issues. However, the issues can be worked on, but it requires compromise and cooperation from the government. Furthermore, what is the alternative at this point? I'm not being sarcastic, just practical.

I am of the belief the pharmaceutical industry and medical equipment manufacturers need to do their part to make the new law workable. They are the key to making ObamaCare work. Collectively as an industry, they generate trillions of dollars. They've had many good and fruitful years. It's time to give something back. It will not bankrupt them. Their massive profits will be a little bit smaller, but the health of a nation is at stake and they need to rise to the occasion.

They need to be appropriately taxed to help ObamaCare work, especially for the poor, who can't afford it (of course, after reading this, the pharma industry and medical equipment manufacturers will take up a pool and take out a hit on me, but it's okay, I've survived worse LOL).

On average, ObamaCare insurance costs for university students, between $170-$190 per month, needs to come down by at least $30 per month ($50 less per month would be ideal). University students are going to have trouble coming up with that money every month and end up being hit with massive fines and driver license revocation. Uni students, especially those on scholarship, can barely afford room and board and food.

I've heard and read of ObamaCare price quotes regarding non-students (adults), some average, others very high figures per month, but until I see legitimate screencaps and documents concerning it, I really can't properly comment on it.