Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Man Charged With Murdering Adrian Peterson's Son Free On Bail Angering The Public

 People Post Their Outrage Over His Release
Adrian Peterson
Joseph Patterson, 27, the man arrested for murdering the 2-year-old son of NFL football star Adrian Peterson, has been set free on $750,000 bond. Too be fair, the judge set the bail fairly high in the case, but the child killer, who should not be free, as he is a danger to the public, was able to meet it. Many have taken to the internet to post their anger at Patterson's release.
Joseph Patterson
Peterson's son, Tyrese, was a beautiful little boy. He was laid to rest in a private funeral this month. Peterson has expressed his sorrow over not having known his son, who he just found out about weeks before he died. He stated he apologized to his dying boy at the hospital stating "Daddy is sorry" he was not there for him. What a tragedy it is to have to bury a child. Most do not anticipate something so sad happening, but it has to many.