Thursday, October 3, 2013

Floyd Mayweather's Girlfriend Slams His Fiancée's Herpes Infection (Ray J Cheating Pics)

Ray J, 50 and Floyd Mayweather

Things are getting catty in the Mayweather camp. Queen Princess Love, the woman boxer Floyd Mayweather took off the stripper pole and made one of his concubines, only for her to cheat on him with rapper/reality star Ray J and get dumped, is slamming his fiancée, another industry groupie, Shantel Jackson, as having herpes.

Is that cocaine on Ray J's chest (kidding)

Queen Princess Love posted a photo insinuating Mayweather's fiancée Jackson has herpes. This is in response to Mayweather dumping her and slamming her on Instagram, right after his rival 50 Cent outed her as having cheated on him with Ray J (Floyd Mayweather Slams One Of His Girlfriends As 'Garbage').   

Ray J and Queen Princess Love

In response to the drama, website Media Take Out released a series of photos of Queen Princess Love in an intimate clinch with Ray J. The pictures are not flattering. It appears Queen Princess Love became star struck by one of the industry's most notorious himbos, Ray J.

Queen Princess Love mocking Floyd Mayweather's fiancee Shantel Jackson as having herpes.

Considering Ray J has a big mouth, a camera and loves to brag about his sexual conquests in an ungentlemanly manner, she really should be concerned there's other stuff featuring her floating around his collection. For years Ray J has disliked being in his more famous sister's shadow (Brandy) and sought notorious ways to get attention.

Shantel Jackson and Floyd Mayweather

As stated in the column yesterday, this week 50 Cent encouraged Mayweather to take back all the expensive gifts he bought Queen Princess Love, worth tens of thousands of dollars, in a practice the Judiciary Report endorses (see the July 22, 2013 Judiciary Report article: Living In Sin Is Hot And Sexy?).

Queen Princess Love in an expensive ensemble Mayweather paid for, which she wore to his fight she attended last month (Mayweather v. Canelo)

Mayweather would have been better off giving that money to a good, credible charity or opening a certificate of deposit with the funds at a reputable bank, earning him interest on his dividends. Throwing the money away on someone who does not love you and is prostituting herself to you for food, shelter and material things is not a good idea spiritually or financially. It will bring bad things into your life.