Friday, October 25, 2013

Chris Brown’s Mom Slams His Crew OHB

Go On And Get That Butt Whooping, Chris (LOL)


Chris Brown: mama sounds like she is gonna kick my butt (LOL)

Chris Brown’s mom, Joyce Hawkins, slammed his crew known as OHB. She has been sounding off about them on Twitter this month, labeling them a bad influence in her son’s life. Her words on Twitter indicate she is concerned and distressed they are going to destroy his life.

Brown’s mom is often lenient with him and he is a mama's boy in many respects. Therefore, for her to publicly comment on them says they are bad news. Brown needs to listen to his mom. He has enough problems being on probation and does not need anyone jeopardizing that.


Mom Breezy Shades the ****k Out of OHB

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 01, 2013 - Chris Brown's mom is not happy about Breezy's new circle of friends and she's not hiding how she feels... The other night Mom Breezy let loose in an all caps Twitter rant and practically called out Chris Brown's OHB home boy Hood by name. Not long after the rant OHB partner Hood posted a box of Fruit Loops on Instagram and then Mom Breezy Tweeted FRUIT LOOPS!!!!!!!!!!

Chris Brown's Mom Over OHB

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 25, 2013- Earlier this month Chris Brown's mother went to war on Breezy's new clique OHB. The war is not over...Mom Breezy makes it clear she wants nothing to do OHB by telling Chris Brown fans NOT to re-Tweet OHB into her timeline.