Wednesday, October 30, 2013

2-Years In Jail Has Dramatically Aged Michael Jackson's Former Doctor Conrad Murray (Photo)

Conrad Murray at In-N-Out Burgers fast food restaurant after being released from jail this week

Conrad Murray, the former physician of deceased pop star, Michael Jackson, was released this past Monday, after spending 2-years in a California jail, on a 4-year sentence. Murray is a shadow of his former self. His hair has gone completely gray and he has lost a considerable amount of weight. Much of his appearance has to do with depression, stress and feelings of guilt.

Conrad Murray before jail

Murray's unorthodox approach to medicine killed the top pop star in the world. Murray administered the anesthetic Propofol as a sleeping drug to Jackson, outside of a hospital setting. Jackson became addicted to the drug after many plastic surgery procedures and requested it from Murray who should not have complied. Other doctors had declined Jackson's requests for various drugs, as it was determined he has a dependency on several high grade pharmaceutical drugs and is an addict.

Michael Jackson

Jackson's fans are outraged that Murray has been released so soon, but due to overcrowding in California jails, one is released early for good behavior while incarcerated. That is the statewide standard in California. Murray now seeks the reinstatement of his medical licenses in three states (which should not be granted) and is pursuing a book and television deal.