Thursday, September 5, 2013

Kelly Price Claiming She Sang On Mariah Carey’s CDs Because She Can’t Sing Is Causing Controversy

Last night’s "R&B Divas LA" reunion show, part one, is the talk of the blogosphere today. The Judiciary Report’s article on the reunion show posted early this morning on the site and blog are doing well, receiving a lot of views (Kelly Price Exposes And Clowns Mariah Carey Stating She Can't Sing Implying Someone Else Boosted Her Vocals On CDs). Since that time, there has been a new development regarding singer Kelly Price.


R&B Divas L.A. cast and Wendy Williams (front center)

A few of Mariah Carey’s fans are up in arms over comments her former back-up singer turned R&B star, Kelly Price, made on the show. Price implied that Carey can’t sing and studio gimmickry was used on her first album, which fell apart after Kelly quit against Mariah’s wishes.

Williams asked the cast many relevant questions
A number of music journalists and bloggers have noted the very noticeable change and deterioration in Carey’s voice, which began in her mid-twenties, far too soon for a singer’s voice to change. The Judiciary Report has written about this for several years, as any discerning listener can tell Carey’s voice diminished in quality (Mariah Carey Slammed and Singers Take Care Of Your Voices and Mariah Carey Voice Criticized). Here are a few external site excerpts regarding Mariah Carey’s voice deterioration:

Many people are searching for items on the damage they hear in Mariah Carey's voice, as attested by the above posted Google search engine result screencap 

Watch: Slams Mariah Carey’s Voice On ‘The Voice’?

Friday, June 7th 2013 - Viewers of The Voice UK are well-versed in the fact that is notorious for saying his mind. However, the hitmaker and "coach" on the show sparked social media debate tonight following controversial comments made about diva Mariah Carey while praising favourite-to-win Leah McFall. to Leah McFall : "If Mariah Carey heard you sing, she’d be like ‘Dang, I wish I could sing like that still’."

Mariah bidding on her voice

Rumors have been spreading that Mariah Carey may be undergoing a risky surgery. It's not a cosmetic surgery, as many would think, but instead an operation that would help salvage her golden pipes. Ever since her 1990 debut, the pop diva has been working at a non-stop pace, putting out an album every year and touring every other year. This has caused Carey to form vocal nodules, which have damaged her voice due to its overuse.

Normal vocal cords have smooth, white mucosal surfaces without any irregularities on the vibrating borders. Excessive tension or force used when singing or speaking often "overloads" the vibration of the vocal cords, resulting in too much friction. A bruise on the vibrating edge develops, generally occurring at the anterior one-third of the vocal cord, which is the point of maximal contact during phonation. Later, fibrous tissue replaces the hematoma, becomes larger, and eventually appears as a soft or hard white nodule.

Such nodules have caused problems with Carey's vocal production and her condition has developed for the worst in the past few years. Repeated hoarseness, breathy and husky tones and the need to use greater-than-normal breath pressure to sustain the voice (thereby increasing the overall effort of singing) are danger signals that Carey has experienced since 1998 and many others have noticed, as well.
Usually, nodules can be cured and prevented with proper vocal technique and a sensible lifestyle, which includes necessary rest and relaxation, aerobic exercise, and a healthy diet. In fact, recent studies of the laryngeal biomechanics of singers at the Center For Voice Disorders have shown that excessive muscle tension patterns in the larynx are greatly reduced in singers with vocal training, as compared to singers who have never studied voice.

Carey has taken note of that, too. Since her emotional breakdown last summer, the singer has taken more time to relax her voice and has been seeing a vocal coach at the advice of her mother. Although this has greatly improved Carey's voice and has it sounded like it did before her hoarseness took over, an ever-perfectionist, Carey is looking to surgery to restore her voice to it's full capacity - as it sounded in 1990…"

GMA Cleans Up Mariah Carey Pitch Problems for the West Coast (VIDEO)

05/25/2013 - Mariah Carey’s appearance on Good Morning America this past Friday turned out to be a comedy of errors. At one point, she accidentally swore (exclaiming "oh s**t) and then popped her dress, nearly having a wardrobe malfunction.

But when sexy R&B singer, Miguel, joined her onstage to perform their new single "#Beautiful", Mariah had issues hitting the notes in her celebrated whistle register. To put it bluntly, THE PERFORMANCE WAS PITCHY, DAWG. At least that’s how East coast viewers of GMA heard it. The West coast was a completely different story."

What Happened to Mariah Carey's Voice?

24-10-2012, 20:19 It's undeniable that the voice we now hear, straining to hit the notes the Mariah of the 90s would be able to hit in her sleep, is sharply different from the voice we heard belt and whistle out those high notes in such hits as 'Hero' and 'Vision of Love'. But how can such a practically flawless voice deteriorate so drastically? Is it her nodules? Is it her overuse of her voice? Have her vocal folds weakened as she's aged? From my point of view, these are combining factors that have contributed to Mariah's steady vocal decline…

Mariah Carey Caught Lip Syncing Again

Monday, July 01, 2013 - Back in May Mariah Carey was accused of lip syncing her performance during the season finale of American Idol [click here if you missed that].Last night eagle eyed fans accused Mariah of lip syncing again at the BET Awards...

Did Mariah Carey Lose Her Voice? 

Is Mariah Carey’s Voice Just Done For 

Do you think Mariah Carey's voice has change?

When did Mariah lose her voice?

Has Mariah Carey Psyched Out Her Voice

Mariah Carey

Even Carey has admitted her voice does not sound the same and fills her bedroom and hotel suites with several humidifiers. She is known for this. Carey has done interviews speaking about a change in her voice that occurred in the mid-nineties. During the video interview Carey stated she believes it was due to emotional trauma.

In a teaching capacity, my mother has worked with disabled people who sustained serious emotional trauma, which led to vocal changes. One disabled student stopped speaking after witnessing the murder of one of her parents. There are noted medical cases of people permanently changing accents and vocal pitch after emotional trauma. Therefore, emotional trauma can cause vocal changes, but regarding Carey that does not seem to be the case.

Mariah Carey is having voice trouble

Regarding Price’s claims, Carey would not be the first to do such a thing. Paula Abdul was sued by her credited background singer, Yvette Marine, for using too much of her voice as the basis for the singer’s lead vocals. The Los Angeles Times reported, "Marine--who claims a lead vocal track that she sang was electronically combined with Abdul's voice on at least two of the album's songs--is seeking proper credit and compensation for what her lawyer calls ‘co-lead or supporting vocal’ contributions." First of all, a background singer is not supposed to be singing the entire lead vocal in a studio session (with the exception of choral pieces). That’s a red flag.

Marine lost the lawsuit, but with the way Hollywood corrupts the court system, having been caught red-handed issuing stocks as bribes for favorable judicial decisions that’s not a victory for Abdul , who really can’t sing live. She was meant to be a dancer/choreographer, not a singer ( The FBI is currently formally investigating judges for accepting donations and or bribes from people in the entertainment industry to corrupt court cases.

Mariah Carey

Madonna is also known in the industry for using background vocalist to sing lead vocals under her main tracks to cover the significant deficiencies in her voice. However, no one has sued thus far for this, because really, who would want to take credit for that voice. She’s no Whitney Houston. Having a great singing voice truly is a gift. All of the women on "R&B Divas LA" can sing well. They should feel good about that.