Friday, September 6, 2013

Did Kelly Price Sign A Confidentiality Agreement With Mariah Carey And Sony Regarding Her Vocal Work For The Singer

R&B Divas L.A. cast and Wendy Williams

As mentioned yesterday, on Wednesday night's "R&B Divas LA" reunion show, singer Kelly Price was confronted by claims she made about Mariah Carey's deteriorated voice. Price used to be a background singer for Carey and stated on TV One that she quit, when the singer did not want her to leave the post.

As host Wendy Williams stated yesterday, regarding a Price tweet said to be about Mariah Carey, she revealed Kelly wrote on Twitter, "I’m looking at a concert on TV right now of a certain singer and asking myself what happened to your voice. Sometimes the gimmick goes too far. One day you go to sing and realize it ain’t happening. This is making my voice hurt."

The term "gimmick" in reference to a singer's vocals means what is referred to as "studio wizardry" regarding the use of vocal processors and in some cases session singers performing the lead track, which is then merged with that of the artist for a richer, more robust sound. For Price to make the statement she did, Williams to out it as Mariah Carey, then for Kelly to hold back, could indicate a confidentiality agreement. I think the public has a right to know exactly what she meant.

Mariah Carey

The label that made Carey famous, Sony, has experienced problems with such claims in the past. The worst case was that of C&C Music Factory, where they used a model to front the vocals of full figured powerhouse singer Martha Walsh. Sony was also home to Milli Vanilli (Arista), one of music's worst scandals, as two photogenic men were used to front the vocals of older men in their fifties (at the time) and went on to win Grammies for the fraud, which were later revoked.

Clearly Carey can sing, but three albums into her career and her voice changed in a non-typical manner. She often struggles through live performances as well. Many singers can replicate their CD sound live, but chronic copyright infringer Carey who's stolen from many, is always straining and doesn't sound like the record. Does Price know more than she is saying. Was Price singing way more on those CDs than she was given credit for. Will Carey address Price's claims, especially after speaking of her voice troubles in the past in noted television and print interviews.

Side Bar: About 50 Mariah Carey fans on Twitter known as "lambs" have gone insane over the articles regarding this topic (Kelly Price Exposes And Clowns Mariah Carey Stating She Can't Sing ImplyingSomeone Else Boosted Her Vocals On CDs and Kelly Price Claiming She Sang OnMariah Carey’s CDs Because She Can’t Sing Is Causing Controversy). They've taken to immaturely spamming me on Twitter, even spewing hateful items about assault and death, criminal violations of Twitter's terms of service. Their parents couldn't be proud to know their grown offspring are online threatening death, violence and mayhem, especially over a singer they don't even know. That's mental illness. However, they've inadvertently put money in my pocket with their frenzied, hateful behavior (ad revenues).

When I linked an item blogger Perez Hilton wrote in response to a question, where he used a reputable video from a television broadcast, the unbalanced individual, who kept instigating others, referred to the well-known blogger as "FAGrez" regarding his homosexuality. I'm not a Perez Hilton fan, but considering Carey has gay fans, was this really appropriate. Human dignity says you don't call a person a slur they ask not be called.

I initially started answering their questions about Carey and Price, then I realized they aren't well, clogging up my box with their hateful, violent madness devoid of reasoning or logic, when I need to read other people's tweets to me. I have no time for people disputing established facts. So, I just blocked them and stopped reading the "lambs" tweets. 

I don't know how any decent singer could be proud of a group of fans connected to a forum, regurgitating such hate and rage and of an unlawful nature. Some not ALL entertainers, encourage fanaticism in their fans to garner repeat sales, showing approval for what is debased behavior, which is a poor reflection on them. I can see why the Bible denounces idolatry. It really brings out the worst in people, when they start to worship human beings, rather than Him and doing irrational things in the process.

Not even during the Trayvon Martin murder case did zealous George Zimmerman supporters react to my articles severely criticizing his crimes in the terrible death of the murdered teen, in the hateful, death threat spewing, rage-filled manner Carey's "lambs" have done regarding claims her voice has deteriorated. That speaks volumes and they should be ashamed. The "lambs" are bar none the most hateful fans on the internet and considering Carey is a pop singer, that is weird.

Exactly who do they think they are. They've viciously and crazily attacked everyone from Nicki Minaj to Kelly Price for criticizing her, calling them ugly, stupid, broke, fake, weave wearing losers who don't have Carey's money - when none of those core 50 crazies "lambs" who really think they are cute (and Jesus I'm gonna be good and not say what I think about that), are accomplished at anything of merit or better looking. They've got weaves (which they slam others for), appear broke (while calling others broke who have more money and assets than they do) and exhibit low intelligence to sit online all day slamming and threatening others (for free). 

I'm not one to back down from a challenge. They're entitled to free speech and so am I. As such, I promised on Twitter as long as the spam continues, so will articles on Carey and I will stick to my word (and trust she won't thank them for it). Carey encourages this unbalanced fanaticism in the "lambs" who routinely parlay it into attacking different people online that criticize her. They break the law with threats of violence and death. The last singer I went on a writing spree about, with exclusives, saw a major, sustained sales decline. Her name is Madonna. I also asked the public to boycott Warner's stock over the copyright thefts and during that time said stock price dropped from $27 to $5. My sites reach 5 million readers through main pages, blogs and feeds...