Thursday, September 26, 2013

Anti-Paparazzi Law Passed To Prevent Photographers Taking Pics Of Celebrities Kids In California

Halle Berry and daughter Nahla

A new law has been passed in California barring paparazzi from taking pictures of celebrities' children without their consent. Stars such as Halle Berry, tired of being hounded for photos with her child present, who became wary of the attention, pushed for the  legislature to act on the matter. Not all entertainers are desperate to have their photo taken.

Halle Berry

When it is in the right context to promote a project or if a respectful distance is maintained when one is alone, out with friends or canoodling, that's another matter. However, when children are present, who can end up confused and spooked by the cameras, it is not appropriate. When you think of the fact paparazzi have engaged entertainers in car chases, even bumping the vehicles of pregnant celebrities for a photo, you realize it's gone too far.