Thursday, August 29, 2013

Should Rape Victims Be Granted Anonymity In The Court System

Yesterday, I attended a hearing in a civil matter regarding a medical related case. During the hearing, several parties from a number of cases gathered in the judge’s chambers waiting for their turn to be heard. The most shocking case heard by the judge was a civil filing regarding a rape case (that I have nothing to do with). 

Before the lawyer for the Plaintiff began to speak I couldn't help but notice the top paper of his notepad had the words "BRUTAL RAPE" in capital letters with a page full of statements. Then I looked across from him at the Defendant’s lawyer and it was a female attorney.

The male attorney for the plaintiff argued for anonymity for his client who was "brutally raped" over the course of 3-days, being held against her will and violently attacked. It was a bit jarring witnessing a female defend a rape case in demanding the identity of the alleged victim be made public. Some hire women in such cases for sympathy, but it doesn’t always work.

The male lawyer looked dismayed borderline stunned at the whole display and I don’t believe he was acting. He kept trying and trying to get his point across, but the female lawyer sitting across from him was absolutely cold-hearted and even smirked at him at one point regarding his contentions. I thought to myself, I wish she could see herself. While I do not know all the specifics of the case, if she takes that attitude into court, the jury will show her client no sympathy.


Rape victim Oksana Makar was beaten up very badly and left for dead. Videos of her in hospital revealed a very emotionally distraught young woman. She later died, succumbing to her terrible injuries.

Rape is very serious and terrible. Women all over the world are raped every day. It is a horrible crime with negative, lasting long-term effects. The disturbing trend of women being given date rape drugs snuck into their drinks, without their knowledge or consent, by desperate, law-breaking men who have unquestionably gone too far, is alarming and sickening.

Rappers such as Rick Ross do the public a great disservice by promoting date rape drugs via unconscionable music lyrics, attempting to trivialize and desensitized the public to something that is quite sick and serious. Date rape is not funny. Men who engage in said conduct should have more pride than to do such a thing.

Rape victim Jyoti Singh Pandey suffered a horrible attack

Some believe alleged rape victims should be able to remain anonymous, while others state they should not be allowed to do so. Can you blame a real rape victim from not wanting her name to go public. It’s almost like a second victimization, with the way some people speak, attacking the victim.

Some women do cry rape, but many are telling the truth and deserve to be protected by the public and court system. In closing, if a woman does not want you, keep your hands and your other body parts to yourself. Be a man and have some pride in yourself and learn to accept rejection. Do not take what is not yours and was not offered to you. Stop reading signs and signals that are not there. She does not need to be forced or relaxed via a date rape drug. When a woman says no it means no.