Tuesday, August 20, 2013

One Direction’s Liam Payne Dating A Woman Who Rejected Him 22 Times Before He Was Famous Is Telling

 That’s A Warning Sign Right There


Liam Payne

One Direction boyband member Liam Payne broke hearts today with the announcement he is dating a girl he knew since school days named Sophia Smith (but something tells me he is going to get his heart broken). It was reported Smith rejected Payne 22 times, yes 22 WHOLE WHOPPING TIMES growing up and into adulthood. However, clearly the fame and money he has recently acquired, changed her mind.

I’ve seen this happen to different people. Anyone who didn’t like you before you were famous, then all of a sudden wants to go out with you, is not being sincere. Truth hurts, but it is better to face it and protect yourself. Said person likes you for your fame and most likely money. The Judiciary Report covered this months ago in the column (Why Like Someone You Didn’t Before They Became Famous).

Sophia Smith

If you truly care about someone in a romantic way, it doesn’t matter if they are broke, have zits, a bad haircut and are goofy beyond anything you have ever seen. You will love and work with them, bringing out the best in them. You don’t wait until they are all hot and famous to start showing interest. Not cool.

Liam is in for some disappointment. I'm not wishing it on him, I'm just not good at playing hypocrite and as stated above, I've seen that happen to other entertainers, who found out the hard way who truly cares about them and who does not.