Friday, August 9, 2013

King Of Queens Star Leah Remini Files Missing Persons Report About Wife Of Scientology Cult Leader

Leah Remini

As many of the site's regular readers know, I am not a fan of Hollywood cults, such as Kabbalah and Scientology, thanks to having been targeted by them (which led to two FBI interviews in 2005 and their Colombo mafia associated private investigator, Anthony Pellicano, whom I spoke about during said interviews, was arrested 4-months later).

The latest story about one of said cults doesn't improve my already dim view of them. Hollywood actress, Leah Remini, has filed a "missing persons" report with the Los Angeles Police Department, regarding Shelly Miscavige, the wife of Scientology cult leader and resident quack, David Miscavige. You know, the money grubbing dude that made Tom Cruise completely insane.

Scientology believes and privately teaches members that evil aliens who were born billions of years ago, have attached themselves to every human being and the only way to rid oneself of said evil beings is through giving the cult large sums of money and undergoing mind-bending, mental illness inducing, exhaustive, perverse questioning sessions, while attached to a warped lie detector known as an E-Meter.

Remini, one of several stars, who has fled the mentally deranged cult that has been credibly and formally accused of murder, pedophilia, tax fraud, wiretapping and financial theft, stated she and others have not seen Shelly Miscavige in 6-years. No one has seen her in public for years, which is odd, especially for press loving Hollywood. People are worried she has been harmed or worse, like the dozens of other Scientologists, who ended up dead in questionable incidents.

David Miscavige and Scientology's warped version of the cross - a cult that has nothing to do with Christianity

Several Scientologists were scalded to death in bathtubs during crazy purification rituals gone wrong, died in solitary confinement pits at the cult's compound in Florida (why haven't they been raided by the Feds), committed suicide in ways that police questioned due to the evidence at crime scenes indicating murder or were mysteriously run over by cars on quaint public streets - a tactic of their former private investigator, the aforementioned Anthony Pellicano, who is now in prison).

Some Scientologists died when the cult's management confiscated their medicine. Scientology forbids the use of pharmaceutical drugs. They better be glad I'm not in that cult. If I got PMS and Miscavige tried to take Midol from me, I'd break both his legs. Y'all wouldn't have to worry about him anymore. He wouldn't touch anyone's medicine ever again.

In closing, people need to shun Scientology and Kabbalah. All they do is oppress and depress people with their crazy beliefs and dangerous practices designed to control, manipulate and fleece you out of your money. Life is too short for that. Ignore them and live your life. Don't think the worse. Hope for good things to come. Go out there and do good things that make you happy. Enjoy your family and friends. Go to a sports game. Catch a good movie that uplifts your soul. Have a nice meal. Block out the negative and don't let people bring you down.