Thursday, August 8, 2013

Jay-Z Photographed Wearing A Shirt Showing Satan Having Sex With Jesus - Part 2

Usher and Jay-Z wearing the shirt

The July 31, 2013 Judiciary Report article Report: Jay-Z Photographed Wearing A Shirt Showing Satan Having Sex With Jesus has caused a bit of controversy online. The article is taken from a report on the Hollywood Street King blog, run by blogger Jacky Jasper (as referenced and quoted in the Judiciary Report article - yet the whole story was somehow being attributed to me). I posted the article in good faith, as I am a devout Christian and was offended that someone would wear such a thing (which is right up Jay-Z's alley, as attested by his other conduct mentioned further in this article).

Since that time it has been brought to my attention the photo on the shirt in question is called the "Entombment of Christ." About fifteen abrasive Jay-Z "stans" have been harassing me on Twitter over a story that is not even my own, demanding it and the tweet be deleted (so much for free speech) when I don't do takedowns (seriously, just 15 of you, I see why he had to have a company buy 1,000,000 copies of his current flopped CD and give it away for free).

Rapper Young Jeezy wearing the same shirt

I admit, the article on the Judiciary Report and my blog gained a lot of page views on its own (not intentional on my part), but it was the irate conduct of those 15 Jay-Z "stans" in retweeting and whining about it so much online that caused 700,000 more people than usual to read my sites. Your verbally abusive conduct caused the very opposite of what you were trying to accomplish (and all I did was click "block" on you 15 Jay-Z "stans" on Twitter and went about my day).

My sites are read by millions, but I was stunned at the overnight spike of 700,000 people and counting, thanks to Jay-Z's "stans" acting up on Twitter. All you did was make more people read the article and my sites. I don't respond well to threats - they don't scare me, only make me more defiant, so I ignored the threats from you few.

Jay-Z beating up a woman backstage at a concert

It's amazing that these same few people can watch Jay-Z blasphemy God, insult and denounce Jesus, praise the devil in songs such as "Lucifer" beat a woman as seen here, cheat on his wife, slander the President in a cowardly attempt to shift blame for his controversial conduct, yet criticize the Judiciary Report over a t-shirt a known devil worshipper sported. Can you blame me for believing the report - look who we're dealing with - a known devil worshipper leading people's kids astray with his profanity and violence laced "Illuminati" music and videos, promoting the occult.

Jay-Z denouncing Jesus in his lyrics

A man, Jay-Z, promoting the words and ideology of Aleister Crowley, a man who was branded "the most evil man alive" for being a Satanist who killed people at his mansion in devil worshipping sacrifices, had sex with minors and practiced occult sexual rituals combining sick sacrifices with sex to Satan, replete with blood and magic incantations. Then again, Jay-Z clearly approves of Crowley's conduct, as the rapper sexually pursued Beyonce at age 16 when he was in his late twenties, which is illegal in America. Then repeated said conduct in sexually pursuing singer Rihanna at age 16, when he was in his late thirties, once again, illegal in America.

Jay-Z wearing a customized sweatshirt with the words of professed Satanist Aleister Crowley, who stated in his book the "Code Of Conduct" satanic followers should "Do what thou wilt"

Excerpt from Satanic book detailing the "Code Of Conduct" that Jay-Z follows and one of the central themes is "Do What Thou Wilt"

Jay-Z is a man who has stabbed his own friends and business partners in the back, stealing from them. A few Jay-Z "stans" even tried to pull the race card on me, in trying to get me to take down the article. Let me get this straight, Jay-Z, a man who has illegally stolen copious amounts of copyrights from dozens of black writers, producers and musician, both known and aspiring, as attested by court docket files and complaints online, is somehow a symbol of truth for the black community. Copyright infringement is a federal and international crime. Jay-Z is a criminal.

Jay-Z's even stolen from his own employees to fund his lifestyle, expecting restaurant workers to be slave labor when he refused to pay them their wages, forcing them to sue him. Jay-Z could be a mass murderer for all you know and you're swearing for him. Time to reevaluate your priorities in life and find better role models. There are many great black and white role models out there - Jay-Z is not one of them.


Jay Z Spreading Sacrilegious Sentiments?

2013-07-30-at-1.14.41-AM - "He was the Anti Christ to a certain kind of Hip-Hop fan." ~Questlove. HSK Exclusive - Jay Z’s most recent sporting of a t-shirt — bearing the image of Satan having sex with Jesus Christ — may not be blatant, but sources say, in person, the rapper’s message is clear. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Young Jeezy, who could be reppin’ the same suspected sacrilegious values. "Polo T all black, welcome to the afterlife Money is the root of all evil meet the anti Christ." Is Jay Z responsible for turning out a Jeezy back in 2010, when the 35-year-old rapper was lending his hand in promoting Jigga’s "Blueprint 3? tour? Of course. Don’t believe me.. Ask Trey Songz.