Sunday, August 4, 2013

Is Rihanna Stalking Karrueche Tran Again (Photos)

Karrueche Tran

Is pop singer Rihanna stalking rival Karrueche Tran, the main girlfriend of her on-and-off boyfriend, Chris Brown? For the second time Rihanna either arrived at a night club while Tran was partying inside or just leaving. This keeps happening and it looks a certain way. This time Rihanna went to PlayHouse night club as Tran was leaving.

Rihanna's new look

A couple weeks ago Rihanna tearfully cried on stage before ranting about an ex who has not been there for her. Considering her obsession with Brown, people knew she meant him, as he had reconcile with Vietnamese African-American Tran again and been seen in her company. The "Vietnam Veteran" is winning against Rihanna A/K/A "The Forehead."

Rihanna sporting a bad look - getting vulgar and tacky 

Side Bar: somebody please explain Rihanna’s "Coming To America" Jheri Curl weave *singing "Let your soullllll glow" from the movie.* Yes, I know, I’m wrong for that (LOL).