Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Chris Brown Spotted Leaving The Club With A Blonde Taking Her Home For Sex (Photo)

Chris Brown and woman he took home from the club this week for sex. Brown is playing with fire.

Splash News is reporting, R&B singer Chris Brown went to the AV night club last night in Hollywood and left with the blonde posted above. Brown has been known to leave night clubs with random women that he takes back to his house or hotels for sex, in what is a very dangerous sexual practice. Condoms don't always protect people and birth control sometimes fails. Once again, Brown is too profile and accessible and it keeps getting him into trouble.

Men and women who engage in promiscuous sexual behavior are endangering their health. Brown and certain other celebrities also need to be careful that they aren't set up by third parties, who will place women as bait to get them into trouble (rip them off, lie claiming rape, deliberately infect them with an STD - all vengeful things that have been done in the entertainment industry).

It fraudulently sent Tupac to jail in a rape set up, that became a downward spiral that landed him at Death Row Records and then dead. It also cost legendary singer Sam Cooke his life via a violent death, when he was set up by a woman he did not know was a prostitute, who schemed with her pimp to rob him. It's a sick business.