Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Mistress Of 'Love And Hip Hop Atlanta' Star Kirk Frost Rubs Salt In His Wife's Wounds Via Interview

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta 

Mary Jane, the aspiring rapper and mistress of "Love And Hip Hop Atlanta" Kirk Frost does interview after being slammed by the public and people connected with the show. Mary Jane, proud of her adulterous conduct tweeted on Twitter "Hide your husbands" unrepentant of her hurtful, disgraceful conduct in engaging in a threesome with married Frost during a recent episode of the reality show.

Rasheeda and Mary Jane before the latter slept with the former's husband Kirk Frost

Fame hungry, attention seeking Mary Jane did an interview with blog Straight From The A, discussing the negative publicity she has received for her cheating conduct. The blog stated of the interview, "Mary Jane is NOT ashamed of who she is and what she’s done and says that she’s not interested in taking husbands because she’s not tryna be a wife…. just a ‘mistress.'"

Kirk Frost and Mary Jane

It's not a good way to start a career. The response online to her conduct and that of Frost and their other sex buddy, Bambi, has been largely negative. The backlash is legitimate with many echoing the same negative response. Even Frost and Bambi have backed away from their conduct, attempting o distance themselves from it, sensing how badly the public has received it. However, Mary Jane is running head on into disaster.