Wednesday, July 17, 2013

NSA Whistle Blower Edward Snowden Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize

Edward Snowden 

Courageous whistle blower, Edward Snowden, has been nominated for the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize, for presenting evidence of vast, illegal spying occurring at the NSA (National Security Agency). Snowden, a former contractor for the NSA, leaked concrete evidence of massive, unconstitutional spying, such as the unlawful program Prism, illegally recording Americans and international citizens phone calls, as well as collecting emails.

Swedish professor Stefan Svallfors has nominated Snowden for the award citing his, "Heroic effort at great personal cost." The Judiciary Report is of the belief, Snowden deserves the award and should be formally commended for his efforts. He has done a great public service.


‘Heroic effort at great personal cost’: Edward Snowden nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Edited time: July 16, 2013 11:15 - A Swedish sociology professor has nominated Edward Snowden for the Nobel Peace Prize. He says the NSA whistleblower could help "save the prize from the disrepute incurred by the hasty and ill-conceived decision" to give the 2009 award to Barack Obama.

In his letter addressed to the Norwegian Nobel Committee, Stefan Svallfors praised Snowden for his "heroic effort at great personal cost." He stated that by revealing the existence and the scale of the US surveillance programs, Snowden showed "individuals can stand up for fundamental rights and freedoms."

"This example is important because since the Nuremberg trials in 1945 has been clear that the slogan ‘I was just following orders’ is never claimed as an excuse for acts contrary to human rights and freedoms," Professor Svallfors wrote.

He emphasized that the decision to award the 2013 prize to Edward Snowden would also "help to save the Nobel Peace Prize from the disrepute incurred by the hasty and ill-conceived decision to award US President Barack Obama 2009 award