Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Pushing The Envelope For Ratings

The ladies of "Love And Hip Hop Atlanta"

Over the past few days, I caught two episodes of the reality show "Love And Hip Hop Atlanta" and I was shocked. Aspiring Miami rapper, Joseline Hernandez, whom many online believe is a man who had a sex change, is constantly demanding money and career favors from producer Stevie J.

Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J

Stevie J stated Joseline was "a prostitute" when he found her and is signed to a 7-year production deal with him, so she needs to get off her high horse. Mimi, the mother of Stevie J's child, is another woman in his life he is constantly trying to buy with gifts. However, she is not brazen like Joseline and is the mother of his child.


Some are wondering if it's Joseline or Jose

Man or woman, one should not have to buy anyone's affections. That's not love. If someone loves you, they'll love you no matter how little or much you have in life. There are women in Atlanta who would date Stevie J for free, yet he J chooses those who only want his money and connections. That's called setting one's self up for a fall. Furthermore, if he keeps spending money on women in that manner, he will go broke. Then he'd find out who his real friends are.

The marriage of female rapper Rasheeda and her husband Kirk is sad. She became pregnant and he is acting like a baby. He is whining and having some disrespectful talks with his wife, which could cause fetal distress. However, he doesn't seem to care.

Callous, cold-hearted Kirk is demanding Rasheeda have a blood test done to confirm paternity, then in the next test breath insisting she have an abortion, though she claims the unborn child is his baby. Rasheeda is determined to have the baby and good for her.

Kirk is a hypocrite to accuse his wife of cheating, when he spends time in a hot tub getting friendly with other women, he goes on to have sex with in a threesome, embarrassing himself on national television. Decent people do not respect such behavior. It doesn't make you more of a man. It makes you one that betrayed your wife, son and unborn baby - on national television. Real men don't do that.

Rasheeda and Kirk Frost

Cheating on his wife on TV is terrible. The women engaging in said conduct with him have no shame or self-respect either. They all need to remember God doesn't like ugly and they need to stop. It's not a good look. It's disgraceful. Get that off my television. As if marriages don't have enough difficulties, here comes this dude bragging about damaging his family unit, setting out this terrible example.

I do not like how Kirk treats his wife. He owes her an apology. I've never seen a husband be so cold and say such things to his pregnant spouse. Furthermore, stating he "pulled out" during sex as a means of contraception, therefore his wife's baby is not his, is downright ignorant and ill-informed. A woman can still become pregnant under those circumstances. Didn't they teach him that in high school during sex ed. To hear a grown man in his thirties state something of said nature is dumbfounding.

Ironically, Kirk cites philanderer Will Smith as his role model, bragging about the actor's wealth and open marriage, which sets a bad example for impressionable kids and adults. Smith, who is a known bisexual in Hollywood circles, is married to bisexual actress, Jada Pinkett Smith. They put on a front for the public, but according to my sources they are unhappy and have been seen fighting. These are not good role models.

Who in their right mind could be happy with an open marriage. Not to mention, it dishonors God. Just know, if you follow their example you will destroy your life. It may seem like it's working at first, until the consequences roll around. God forgives, but the consequences in life remain. Adultery brings spiritual damage to lives. In brings trouble on people and households who engage in it. Leave it alone and honor your marriage vows.