Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Beyonce Got Into A Fight With A Fan And The Fan Won (Video)

Fan: this one's for Seabiscuit

R&B singer Beyonce had a bit of technical difficulties this week, while performing on her current concert tour. A fan, clearly holding a drudge against her, took revenge by trying to snatch the weave right off her head. Of course, I'm referring to an electrical fan, solely placed to blow her weave all around the stage.

Seabiscuit: Toby, she took my tail! My tail, Toby! 

Beyonce ended up stuck to the fan in an embarrassing scene, prompting her bodyguards to try to extricate her wig from the disgruntled fan, as she continued to yodel. The video has now gone viral, like any good embarrassing clip does in the modern age. Thank you internet.