Friday, July 26, 2013

Amanda Bynes Committed To The Psychiatric Ward Of Hospital As Parents Seek Conservatorship

Amanda Bynes recently set an elderly woman's driveway on fire

Fallen Hollywood actress, Amanda Bynes, has been committed to a Los Angeles hospital psych ward, due to her severely deteriorated mental state. Bynes has been held on a 5150 hold, made famous by another Kabbalah/Illuminati member, who is also a schizophrenic, Britney Spears.

Amanda Bynes did a few sitcoms and a movie that showed her as a bright young talent, but mental illness has derailed her career

Bynes’ parents, worried about her string of erratic and mentally ill behavior, which has played out all over the internet for the past several months, demanded the psychiatric hold. It is being reported they are seeking a conservative, much like the one Spears’ parents obtained when she became schizophrenic. Bynes is stating and doing many of the same things Spears did when she went mentally insane.

A lovely and vibrant Amanda Bynes before Kabbalah started messing with her head

It’s regrettable that the FBI allows money stealing Kabbalah to continue to destroy young minds and lives with their religious cult’s sick teachings, as well publicized reports revealed they use trances and brainwashing to control members in order to plunder their wealth. However, said trances and brainwashing produces mental illness under the cults teaching of "inducing schizophrenia." Once again, they took a normal, vibrant young celebrity and turned the individual into a raving, psychotic shell of their former self.