Sunday, June 30, 2013

Two Men Arrested For Aiding NFL Star Aaron Hernandez In Committing Murder (Video)

While former NFL football star, Aaron Hernandez sits in jail on murder charges, in the shooting death of aspiring athlete Odin Lloyd, two more men have been apprehended in connection with the murder. Carlos Ortiz was arrested in Bristol, Connecticut and Ernest Wallace nabbed in South Florida.

Both men are being accused of being accessories in the murder of Lloyd. In the mean time, Hernandez has lost millions in sponsors dropping him from representing their brands. Puma and Muscle Milk have cancelled their deals with the former New England Patriots star.

It is tragic that a human being has died and under violent circumstances. It is also lamentable that Hernandez, who had come so far, to become one of the top athletes in the nation with a $40,000,000 looks set to lose all he has worked for since he was a teen. Violence doesn't solve anything, only breeds trouble.