Friday, June 21, 2013

Rihanna Not Sorry She Whacked Fan In The Face With Microphone

Rihanna's Instagram (spotted at RhymesWithSnitch)

Rihanna's fanbase, known as the "Rihanna Navy dinghy" are making excuses for the inappropriate behavior of the singer, who hit a fan in the face with her microphone during a concert in Birmingham, England. Many have criticized her behavior online, as the video reveals what transpired.

However, true to form she let her fans down, who defended her, by stating the audience member would not let her go as she walked by the crowd and this is her reason for balling up her fist around the microphone and whacking the fan in the face. Ever heard of simply pulling away from the person or alerting security, who was standing right next to you. Viciously hitting someone is not the answer, especially when they did not hit you.