Thursday, June 13, 2013

Photo Released Of Chris Brown And Karrueche Tran Getting Close (Rihanna Needs To See This)


 New photo released over the past week shows Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran cuddling. The two look exhausted and somewhat sad, most likely due to public criticism of their relationship via Rihanna fans.

In a matter of a few short weeks after breaking up with singer Rihanna, Chris Brown got back with model Karrueche Tran. The fact of the matter is the two never truly broke up. Tran and Brown were sneaking around together, as he saw no real faithfulness coming from Rihanna, but kept her around for his career comeback and probation hearing.

The domestic violence incident between the two in 2009 changed the dynamic of their relationship and things were not the same. There are issues there, hence the couple repeatedly breaking up and getting back together. They need therapy. They've inflicted so much damage on each other, mentally and emotionally. Then there's the actual fist fight, which was regrettable, as couples should not be brawling.



The photo of Tran and Brown should give Rihanna pause. Clearly Tran means something to him, as he could have chosen a number of other women, yet he went back to her. Ironically, people in the industry are still stating Rihanna wants Brown back and is hoping for a reconciliation. Man beats you after you started hitting him, dumps you, gets back with you, then dumps you again for the same woman and you're still asking around in the industry about what he is doing like he has you whipped. And she calls herself a bad girl. Sounds weak to me.