Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Michael Douglas Says He Developed Throat Cancer Via Performing Oral Sex On HPV Infected Women

Michael Douglas

Promiscuous Hollywood actor, Michael Douglas, informed the world that he developed a devastating case of throat cancer from performing oral sex on women in Hollywood. Yes, he went there and since he did, let's talk about it. Studies have suggested HPV contracted through oral sex is a contributing cause of throat cancer in men and women.

Michael Douglas during his battle with cancer

What people do in their bedrooms is their own business, but as a general rule, one should not be randomly taking others one does not know  into one’s mouth, via doing sexual favors for strangers or folks one has recently met, increasing one's chances of contract it. People need to value their sexual health. Women and men need to be tested for HPV among other things, as the effects thereof can be deadly. In closing, people should not make fun of people with HPV or throat cancer, making mean oral sex jokes. Sickness is sickness. Disease doesn't mean dirty. It just means the human body is having difficulty and needs help.