Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Discrepancies Crop Up In The Story Of Woman Accusing Chris Brown Of Shoving Her At A Night Club (Video)

24-year-old Deanna Gines accused R&B singer, Chris Brown of shoving her to the ground at club Heat Ultra in Anaheim, California this week, leading to torn ligaments in her "right leg." However, as one of my Twitter buddies pointed out to me, Gines was photographed wearing a brace on her left leg. Uh oh! That doesn't look right.

Chris Brown

The club maintains Brown did not touch Gines, who kept trying to jump on him when he was on stage and later in the VIP section of the club. They state she was thrown out by club security, for being disruptive and drunk. The club also states due to her intoxication, Gines fell down stairs outside the club.

Deanna Gines

No video has been released at this time of what transpired in the club, but Gines' credibility has been affected by claiming her "right leg" was injured, then wearing a brace on her left leg. Nonetheless, the security footage the club speaks of regarding what transpired inside needs to be released to hopefully clarify the matter.

Deanna Gines 
TMZ is stating, "More evidence against Chris Brown's latest accuser -- TMZ has obtained video footage showing the 24-year-old walking on the leg she claims Brown seriously injured ... just minutes after the alleged incident." However, people walk on injured limbs. That's not proof.

Athletes have walked from sporting games injured with broken bones and torn ligaments. Car accident survivors have walked away from vehicles with serious injuries. However, the pain switching legs, as in Gines' case, looks fraudulent. Pain can spread, but switching limbs, that's odd. When one is in pain, one knows what limb is causing the agony (unless one has diabetic neuropathy).


Chris Brown Accuser Video Shows Her Walking On 'Injured' Leg

More evidence that Chris Brown's latest accuser is full of it -- TMZ has video footage showing her walking on the leg she claims Brown seriously injured ... minutes after the alleged incident. The video was shot early Sunday morning in the Heat Ultra Lounge parking structure in Anaheim, where Deanna Gines was being escorted out by security. She's clearly upset, telling the bodyguards, "F*** all y'all!"

As we reported, Gines claims Chris Brown shoved her to the ground inside the club, tearing the ligaments in her right knee. But the video appears to contradict her story ... because you see Gines putting weight on her right leg and limping on her left. Sources at the club tell us, Gines did actually injure herself ... but it was her own fault, drunkenly stumbling down some stairs on the way out of the club. As we reported, the club's owner (as well as several eyewitnesses) claim Chris never touched Gines.

For Gines' part, she tells us she did NOT fall outside the club -- the club's trying to cover its a**. As for the mystery limp, she says her whole lower body was in pain after Chris allegedly shoved her ... and at the time, her left leg hurt more than her right. Oh yeah, and she was drunk.