Thursday, June 6, 2013

Chris Stokes And Marques Houston Are Harassing Me - Part II


Chris Stokes

This is a follow up to the June 3, 2013 article "Chris Stokes And Marques Houston Are Harassing Me (Emails)." In the article I mentioned Stokes' money problems and he and Marques Houston threatening to sue me and others as well, such as rapper/reality star Ray J, IP617FM.COM also known as IP617RadioTV and the Straight From The A blog. They seek to have allegations of child molestation removed from select sites.

Straight From The A did some investigating regarding Stokes and Houston's attorney, Brian Lewis and she alleges some issues regarding him. Turns out his office is in a strip mall mainly housing a nail salon (probably where Stokes and Houston get their press on French manicures done). Straight From The A also alleges Lewis' mailing address is a U.P.S. store P.O. Box, which is unusual for a lawyer, especially one claiming as much experience as he has online.    

I don't know nor have I met Chris Stokes or Marques Houston. But I have met B2K, when I chaperoned my sister and her friends to see their concert. But that's the extent of it. I don't know them on a personal, friendship level. However, I do know someone with direct knowledge of the case, who has given me credible tips in the past and he confirms, Tarver is telling the truth.

He stated Raz-B is telling the truth as well, but embellished a couple points (not regarding the molestation). However, my source stated, in agreement with the allegations both men made, Tarver and Raz-B were molested and there needs to be an indictment to prevent this sort of incident from transpiring again.