Wednesday, June 12, 2013

23-Year-Old HIV Positive Man To Stand Trial For Molesting 13 And 14-Year-Old Boys

Anthony Tafoya

These types of story reminds one that there is evil in the world. 23-year-old, Anthony Tafoya, has been ordered to stand trial for sexually molesting boys, who range in age from 13-14. Tafoya is infected with HIV and is now up on 40 felony charges related to the pedophilic sexual abuse against four boys he met on the internet and lured into terrible sexual situations, knowing his health status.

According to the Costa Mesa Times, Judge Barbara Zuniga stated of Tafoya, "He is a menace. He is a parasite on the community. He is not going anywhere" refusing to grant a reduction in the $3,200,000 bail she issues for the pedophile. One of his victims also stated of Tafoya, "He acted as if age was a number, he didn't really care." Pedophiles tend to blur the lines regarding age, knowing what they are doing is wrong. No child deserves to have their sexual innocence ripped from them and he is eligible for and deserves life in prison.


HIV-positive Concord man, 23, accused of sex crimes with 13- and 14-year-old boys, is ordered to stand trial

Posted: 06/11/2013 05:27:26 PM PDT - MARTINEZ -- Characterizing him as a menace who preys on children, a preliminary hearing judge on Tuesday ordered a Concord man to trial on charges that he had sex with boys as young as 13 whom he met on the Internet.

Anthony Tafoya, 23, was held to answer on more than 40 felonies involving alleged sex crimes against four Contra Costa County boys, ages 13 through 15, in 2011 and 2012. Some of the charges carry special allegations that Tafoya knew he was HIV-positive when he had unprotected sex with three of the boys. If convicted as charged, he faces life in prison.

"He is a menace. He is a parasite on the community. He is not going anywhere," Judge Barbara Zuniga said Tuesday in response to a defense motion to reduce Tafoya's bail from $3.2 million..

"He acted as if age was a number; he didn't really care," the boy said while testifying how he had sexual relations with Tafoya the first night they met, when he was in the eighth grade.