Friday, May 24, 2013

President Obama's Prom Pic Released And It's All Sorts Of Comedy (Photo)

Barack Obama

A prom photo from Hawaii of a then 17-year-old Barack Obama has been released and it is hilarious. Some, black and white, have taken exception to the fact his prom date is white, but don't be racist. Let people date who they want to go out with.

Me being the deep, intellectual thinker, became more concerned with his hair in the picture. Obama, who is biracial, had a semi-afro like he couldn't make up his mind about what hairstyle to go with. It was like the white blood in him was telling him "Bro, get a mullet." But the black blood in him was telling him "Brotha, get a fro." So it's like he stopped half way between both styles.

My parents had curly fros in 1960s and being the thoughtful considerate child I am, laughed at them when I saw the photos. And the moral of the story is...the Judiciary Report will clown anybody.