Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Chief Keef Is Engaged To A Butt Model But Does He Have A Prenup To Cover His Butt (Photos)

Chief Keef and them

It was revealed yesterday that 17-year-old rapper and ex-con, Chief Keef, is engaged to butt model Pretty Mesha. He tweeted photos of her in his bed. She posted a photo of her engagement ring. Keef, real name Keith Cozart, signed a lucrative recording contract worth millions, which included a large advance (lump sum). He also earns an estimated $13,000 per month in royalties, this is in addition to the money he makes from appearances and shows.

Pretty Mesha

Keef is under a court ordered supervisory program regarding his finances, as he is a minor. It will be interesting (to see), not to mention advisable that he obtain a prenuptial agreement in the event the engagement turns into marriage (as he also has a child by another girl, whose financial future and interests he needs to protect). No offense intended to the couple, but history has shown, sometimes when marriages don't work out, one partner tries to financially wipe out the other one, especially when infidelity is involved. Nonetheless, the Judiciary Report wishes the couple well.