Friday, August 24, 2012

Prince Harry Nude Photos Show The Lows Hollywood Will Stoop To At Others Expense


Prince Harry in Las Vegas shortly before the nude photo scandal erupted. The royal family and Metropolitan Police are said to be incensed such an unprecedented security breach occurred, regarding the third in line to the throne in Britain (Photo Credit: Splash).

The Prince Harry nude photo scandal, regarding Hollywood website TMZ, owned by Warner Bros., sending a group of women to set him up in Las Vegas, in order to obtain inappropriate pics for their distasteful internet site, is more proof of the gross lack of privacy and terrible indecency in the entertainment industry. The industry is absolutely depraved.

Prince Harry's human rights were unquestionably violated and in a criminal manner. This isn’t totally about Prince Harry, but Hollywood constantly pushing the envelope, eroding people's privacy, from the Anthony Pellicano case to the News Corp phone hacking scandal, always engaging in some depravity that spits on the law.

American gold medal winning swimmer Ryan Lochte was seen partying with Prince Harry before the scandal struck

As stated previously, Hollywood is constantly removing boundaries in society set in place for a reason - to protect people's human rights and privacy - and it must be stopped. Just two days before this scandal concerning Prince Harry, the Judiciary Report commented on the Obama Administration's appalling human rights record and once again, this is more proof (President Barack Obama And Congress Graded On Transparency In Government). Obama allows Hollywood to break the law all too often, as they are his campaign donors and it has done him no favors in America or the world.  

Why is Hollywood so perverted and sick. Why do they always have to take things so far. There is a perversion that exists in the entertainment industry thanks to Hollywood cults, such as Kabbalah, which TMZ is involved in, harboring this despicable desire to voyeuristically and secretly see people nude in their homes, hotels, toilets and dressing rooms, without their consent and capturing it on film or via photos, because they are a bunch of blasted perverts.

Prince Harry nude with an unidentified woman (Photo redacted by the Judiciary Report) 

Ask any qualified psychologist in the world what it means when people try to secretly take photos or videos of others naked or semi-nude, without their knowledge or permission, especially to share with others and they will tell you it is flat out mental illness.

Good people don’t do things like that - only the sexual predators and sociopaths of society. Most people have boundaries, but the folks in Hollywood have none. Why such people are running the entertainment industry, into the ground might I add, is a mystery.

Self-promoting lawyer, Harvey Levin, is the founder of the lawbreaking website TMZ

Harvey Levin, you are a disgusting human being and a disgrace to your family. The lows you and those in your crazy circle have dragged Hollywood and America to is appalling. At the end of the day, you wouldn’t like it if anyone hacked your emails, phones and computers and posted the contents, as you and TMZ have done to others. You wouldn’t like it if anyone secretly snapped pics of you naked and put it online and considering your obsession with young, pretty, barely legal men, it could happen.

You wouldn’t like it if anyone recorded your illegal transactions, such as criminally bribing police officers and federal agents for protected government information that violates other people’s privacy, to post on your website. You should be disbarred and locked up for being a nasty little criminal.