Thursday, August 30, 2012

Prince Harry Accused Of Taking Cocaine At Nude Party In Las Vegas

Prince Harry (Photo Credit: PA)

The Prince Harry nude photo scandal has gotten worse again. First pictures surfaced on TMZ of the royal naked in his hotel, which also contained a dozen nude women and 10 men. Then came claims of a sex tape stemming from the incident. 

Now there's word Prince Harry was allegedly taking cocaine during his romp in Las Vegas. In the past, when Harry was underage, he was caught smoking weed and his dad, Prince Charles, reprimanded him for it. He circle of friends, which included Tamara Palmer Tompkinson, were known to use cocaine and other illegal substances. 

However, this is the most trouble Prince Harry has been in, regarding his public image and private life. Money hungry vultures continue to exploit him for undue money and website hits, in what is shaping up to be the worst royal scandal ever. 

Why the individuals involved in invading his privacy (or anyone else's for that matter) thought this was a good thing is beyond most, as it is a mark of shame to drop the bar so low in the area of the law, human rights and personal dignity. What you have done is illegal and disgraceful and the mere fact that you are too shameless to realize it says you are very far gone.