Saturday, August 18, 2012

Madonna's Boyfriend Brahim Zaibat Has Cheated On Her

Clingy Madonna and her bored boyfriend

One of my very credible sources has informed me that Madonna's new boy toy she bought and paid for, back up dancer, Brahim Zaibat, has cheated on her. Maybe if she left innocent people alone and paid more attention to her own business, she would know these things. Not to mention, others wouldn't be so willing to volunteer her business, due to her unprovoked cruelty to folks like me that did her no harm. 
Zaibat did the same thing just like the one before him (Luz) - cheat on her. She had to promise Luz an expensive apartment and a career as a DJ for him to go out with her and pretend to be in love with her. 
However, the minute her back was turned he was cheating on her with a pretty Brazilian woman. 

Madonna's ex-husband Guy Ritchie had also cheated on her during their marriage. Ritchie was another man that did not want to be with her, so she trapped him with a pregnancy that nearly ended in tragedy at the hospital and promised him a big career in Hollywood, according to reports in London. However, that too did not last, as the marriage ended in divorce due to her insanity and his aversion to her lack of looks.
It must be terrible for her that men find her so repulsive, crazy and annoying that she has to bribe them. Most women have men begging to have sex with them. Yet Madonna is having to pay for it. How pathetic is she. It's even worst that she is paying young men to pretend to like her, in a bid to get attention from young audiences she wants to think she is cool, but have overlooked her in favor of people like Lady GaGa.  
Side Bar: Yes, Madonna and her crazy Kabbalah cult are still harassing me, engaging in more unlawful, menacing conduct this week, hence this article airing out her dirty laundry. I don't want anything to do with them, as they are sick and deranged, but they refuse to stop. But they can keep it up, though (sarcasm). All the articles on the Judiciary Report read by many millions, exposing her negative, vicious behavior aren't helping her with the public. People are slamming her online, booing her at concerts, walking out on her shows, slamming her in public and boycotting her products. She had to give her last album away for free, after three flopped CDs in a row. They're not going to understand the word stop, until they get locked up (and you will).