Friday, August 10, 2012

Madonna Slammed By Russian Deputy Prime Minister As A Moralizing Slut And Ex-Prostitute

The World Turning On Madonna


Hypocritical, deluded pop lip-syncer and thieving criminal Madonna, has been slammed by the Russian Deputy Prime Minister, Dmitry Rogozin, for interfering in their nation's politics, questioning their country's free speech laws. Rogozin referred to her as a "moralizing slut" and "ex-prostitute." He's not the only one displeased with the depraved trollop or calling her a slut. There were also threats by a terrorist regarding her recent Russian concert.

This comes weeks after Madonna was sued and slammed by French politician Marine Le Penn for defaming her during a concert in France (Madonna Loudly Booed At Her Concert And Called A Slut And Whore By The Audience). The one time star is engaging in desperate publicity and attention seeking acts, because her career is over, her tours aren't selling and people all over the world are walking out on her pathetic shows (The Public Walks Out On Madonna's Show In London Branding It The 'Worst Concert Ever').    

No one wants to see that. Cover it up. You are embarrassing yourself.

Madonna is also a deranged, devilish hypocrite, to be slamming politicians over lack of free speech laws. Madonna arrogantly and criminally pays hackers at the hosting company for to wage confirmed "denial of service" attacks against the Judiciary Report website, attempting to block people from reading it. Her paid hackers also waged hacks designed to erase articles contained on the Judiciary Report, move and reroute web links and deface the the site, as it exposes her illegal conduct of criminal copyright infringement and emailed death threats and racial slurs. It hasn't help Madonna or her cronies one bit, only offended and inconvenienced my millions of readers, also known as individuals apart of the music and film buying public (hence all your flops).

She is the last person that should be speaking about free speech, as she and her stupid Kabbalah cult are constantly and criminally trying to deprive the Judiciary Report of that right. But Madonna's a media whore. Any hot topic or trend and she insanely jumps on the bandwagon without looking, desperate for attention. She could care less about anyone but herself.