Monday, July 2, 2012

Where Does Obama See America's Future After Almost Four Years In Office During The Financial Crisis

Barack Obama

President Barack Obama has been America's Commander-in-Chief for over three and a half years, during a monumental financial crisis of global proportions, thanks to Wall Street. Polls indicate many believe that though President Obama did not create the crisis, he has made it worse with policies and plans that failed to stem terrible unemployment, foreclosures and lack of economic growth. 

The question is, with President Obama up for reelection this year, where does he see America's future, in respect to the crisis. To ask for a second term, one must have a clear, workable plan for the economy and good results under one's belt, regarding previous years. What is Obama's game plan for turning the economy around, as many political pundits and economists are not satisfied or convinced by his current course of action, which is being met with greater unemployment and more financial loss.