Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Madonna's Kids Headed For Trouble Due To Her Terrible Parenting And Kabbalah

Disgusting Madonna (yuck)

Most people have enough sense to know raising one's children in a sick, depraved religious cult is not a good idea, as it will create social, mental and emotional problems. But not Madonna, who has the IQ of a doorknob (with a face just as tough as one).


Madonna's bleary eyed 15-year-old daughter Lourdes in sexually suggestive pose her mom posted to Twitter, exploiting the troubled teen for publicity again.

Madonna's biological daughter Lourdes is behaving like a real misfit. Smoking in public at age 14. Going around with bleary eyes looking stoned at 14. Dressing like a prostitute at age 14. Appearing on Twitter fondling her breast while sticking out her tongue at age 15. None of this is good and is the beginning of serious trouble for her.

 Madonna's 10-year-old son is featured on her recent flopped concert tour in a blasphemous choir mocking Christ and the Catholic church, while miming in front of what is know as a Satanic cross, used by Satanists. What a delightful family (not). They're sick in the head.

These are all signs of troubled children, who have been raised very poorly, by a deranged madwoman, who cares more about trying andfailing to keep up with young singers half her age, than being a parent. Madonna also appears to resent her look alike daughter's youth, trying to wear her clothes and hair clips, as it is a reminder that she looks really old.