Saturday, July 14, 2012

Scientology Shipping Kids Ages 2 To 16 To Slavery On Sea Org Ship In International Waters

Scientology's Greenfields school for kids ages 2-16

The Hollywood cult Scientology is under fire again for its controversial and questionable conduct. They are taking a PR beating over the Katie Holmes/Tom Cruise divorce, as allegations of children being abused and brainwashed in the cult surfaced during the scandal.

This week, the London Evening Standard did an exposé on Scientology’s alleged school they have set up in England called Greenfields, which is far below the national standard of education ("As Katie Holmes bars Suri from Sea Org... the Sussex school whose pupils vanish at 16 to join Scientology’s secret elite"). 

Screen shot of the website belonging to Scientology's Greenfields school 

That’s to be expected when the psychotic ramblings of a deranged cult charlatan, Ron L. Hubbard, becomes the teaching curriculum at the school. People have labeled Hubbard’s Applied Scholastics confusing and nonsensical rubbish.

A British judge slammed the cult and school in a telling ruling and with good reason. Scientology is nuts. This isn’t your run of the mill crazy. This is crazy with a side order of you-are-out-of-your-ever-loving-minds. However, with a dangerous criminal bent.

Mentally ill actor Tom Cruise and insane Scientology cult leader David Miscavige

Children between the ages of 2-16 are brainwashed at the school, then shipped off to Scientology’s alarming Sea Org, short for Sea Organization, on the cult’s Freewinds cruise ship. Many teens have gotten married on the ship and females have complained about Scientology’s management forcing them to have abortions, as the cult is said to hate children.

Minors are required to sign a pledge of "1 billion years" slave service to Scientology and if they try to flee, they are brought back via force, according to former members. Those who do manage to escape are sued for thousands in financial penalties, for so-called free counseling they received in the cult. Said counseling is brainwashing that has created mental illness in many and triggered a number of suicides.

High profile Scientologists Jada Pinkett Smith, Will Smith, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

Those familiar with the law will recognize the aforementioned disgrace as slavery and human trafficking, which are criminal offenses in the western world. It’s time for Scientology to be prosecuted, management imprisoned and the cult shut down once and for all. All of Hollywood’s cults need to be shuttered.

Scientology has been booted out of areas of Europe. It’s time they are shutdown everywhere. Using people as slaves, particularly children, is evil beyond comprehension. Scientology’s management deserve hard labor in prison for life, for perpetrating the sick fraud and human cruelty.