Monday, July 9, 2012

The Obama Administration's Responsibility To The American People

Barack Obama

The Obama Administration is failing in its responsibility to the American people, regarding tampering with government obligations, such as Social Security and IRS tax returns and refunds. With high profile incidents, regarding the Obama Administration used withholding Social Security as desperate and insensitive political leverage and trying to unlawfully deny his perceived enemies tax refunds, credits and status with the IRS, the government was brought into disrepute domestically and internationally.

The Obama Administration's vindictive, vengeful conduct came across as a government trying not to pay its bills or meet its financial obligations and worst of all, at the American people's expense. The government's word is its name. The Obama Administration has damaged the country's name to the nation and the world with this ill-advised, dreadful conduct, in a political game that has offended many voters. What is a president doing tampering in Social Security and the IRS. It does not inspire confidence...or votes.