Thursday, July 26, 2012

Madonna Sued By French Politician For Defamation Over Nazi Video At Concert


This is a follow up to the June 5, 2012 Judiciary Report article "A French Politician Calls Madonna An Old Has Been Seeking Attention From Young People" regarding Madonna being warned from France about defamatory statements made during her failed MDNA.

This month, Madonna has been sued for defying the warning, like a crazy, illogical, publicity seeking idiot, regarding the aforementioned incident. French politician, Marine Le Pen, filed suit against the dimwitted pop star, as the non-singing thief never thinks her actions through. Le Pen is a member of a controversial political party in France.

Madonna's tour video featuring French politician, Marine Le Pen, with a swastika photoshopped on her forehead. Madonna, being the Satanist she is has been glorifying the theme in the Bible that denounces people putting such symbols on their hands or foreheads.

Madonna used the attention surrounding Le Pen, via adding her image to a video and placing a swastika on her forehead. She was warned not to bring that madness to France on tour, due to strict defamation laws. But being the arrogant witch she is, Madonna did not listen.

Furthermore, Madonna is a racist beast and is in no position to cast stones at anyone (see: Madonna's Kabbalah Center Sends Racist ExpletiveFilled Email With The N-Word And Death Threats and The Kabbalah CenterViciously Harassing And Threatening Jamaicans). Not to mention, according to a mainstream newspaper article in London, she has a painting of Hitler on the wall of her home in England.