Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Will Megan Fox's Pregnancy Hurt Her Status In Hollywood As A Sex Symbol


Megan Fox (Photo Credit: Splash News)

As mentioned previously on the site, Hollywood actress, Megan Fox, who became famous as eye candy in the "Transformers" film series, is pregnant for actor husband, Brian Austin Green. Fox is not known for her acting, but how she looks, which prompts the question, will having a baby affect her image as a sex symbol.

First of all, being a sex symbol is ridiculous. People should be known for their talents and work, not their appearance. The only time people should win on looks would be in beauty pageants and even then it is important to have a brain. People should put their families before their careers, unless they do lifesaving work.

Since acting isn't lifesaving and is mere entertainment, Fox and other women should be free to get married and have their children, without criticism or judgmental attitudes for doing so. Mind you, I think Fox's interviews are annoying, but nonetheless, she is entitled to have children without being nagged about it, for fear of what it will do to her looks.