Saturday, June 2, 2012

Someone Needs To Put Stickers On Glass Doors To Stop Justin Bieber From Bumping Into Them And Getting Concussions


Is singer Justin Bieber trying to tell if that's glass or simply air before him 

He can sing, spin, pirouette and shake his tail feather, but apparently teen pop singer Justin Bieber can't stop walking into glass doors. Does he have cataracts at age 18. Then why is he walking into glass doors all the time. During a show in France, Bieber walked head on into a glass door and shortly after blacked out for 15 seconds from a concussion. This marked the third time we know of that the Biebs collided with the glass.

 Justin Bieber and girlfriend Selena Gomez 

Boo, glass is a solid. Why try to walk through it. Do what everyone else does and just walk around it. Trust me, it's much safer that way. Leave the glass alone, Justin. It is not your friend. If this keeps up, I have two words for you: brain damage. Seriously, do you want to be like Usher (just kidding).