Saturday, June 16, 2012

Police Involvement In The Bottle Throwing Brawl Between Chris Brown And Drake Leads To No One Wanting To Take Responsibility For The Incident

Can You Say Lawsuits

Chris Brown's injuries

Police are currently involved in the case of the bottle throwing fight between singer, Chris Brown, rapper Drake and their respective entourages. Brown and his bodyguard Big Pat sustained lacerations to the face/head. Brown is an instigator that can't keep himself out of trouble, as there have been two other club incidents this year regarding him getting into some confrontation.

Since the time of the fight, reports indicate Brown has spoken to the police, stating Drake and his friends started the fight. However, it is also being stated by others that Brown's friend utter a death threat that set the men in Drake's group off, prompting them to initiate the skirmish, via throwing bottles.

The floor of the club was covered in glass and innocent bystanders sustained injuries that required medical attention, such as stitches. In short, Brown and Drake can expect lawsuits and they deserve it for being troublemakers. The club may sue as well, over the men bringing violence and discord into their establishment, thereby causing damage to their property and reputation.