Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Is Hollywood Worth President Obama Losing The Next Four Years In The White House

Will it be goodbye for Barack Obama come November

With election season upon America, the Judiciary Report must ask, is President Obama's constant association with Hollywood worth him losing the next four years in the White House. It's something for Obama and his administration to think about as election day nears this November. 

Obama continues with a stream of Hollywood guests to the White House, promoting unethical stars in his interviews and pandering for sizable campaign donations from celebrities, who are using his name as president to further their own dubious personal agendas. Said stars are very selfish, as they know they are presidential poison at the polls. 

Obama's challenger in the election Mitt Romney

Obama underestimates Hollywood's lack of influence with the public when it comes to politics or he would not associate himself with certain celebrities so much or champion corrupt stars the masses now deem questionable. Something tells me Hollywood is about to cost President Obama the election and he will have no one to blame but himself. As the Bible says, "Bad company ruins good morals."