Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Government's Hands Off Approach To Job Creation In America Is Leading To Terrible Unemployment

Barack Obama, Sasha Obama and Michelle Obama

The Obama Administration's hands off approach to job creation in America has created more unemployment. The May 2012 job numbers were very bad. This week it was also announced there has been a sharp decline in factory orders in America.

These are signs the economy is getting worse, not better. As the Judiciary Report stated in 2009, the hands off approach of doling out stimulus money and not having tight controls over where the money landed, would not lead to proper and sustained job creation in America, instead producing artificial growth, which keeps happening

The Judiciary Report does not understand how many times the Obama Administration has to hit the wall and face first might I add, before it realizes this financial concept and that the president's policies will keep failing on the current path, which he has tread for nearly 4-years, to disastrous economic results. To outspend every president in history and the nation is still in a financial ditch of unemployment, business closures and foreclosures, says you're going the wrong way.