Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Demi Moore Scared Mila Kunis' New Rounded Tummy Means Ashton Kutcher Knocked Her Up

Mila Kunis (Photo Credit: Splash) 

Rumors are flying in Hollywood that beautiful actress Mila Kunis, 28 is pregnant for former co-star and married actor Ashton Kutcher, 34. However, some are stating the usually svelte Kunis' new rounded tummy is due to a role she is playing in the movie "Blood Ties." 

Mila Kunis 

Either way, it gave Kutcher's cougar wife, Demi Moore, 49, a serious scare, because even though the couple are divorcing, due to the cheating actor wanting to be rid of the relationship, she is desperately clinging to him wanting to reunite as a couple. 


Demi Moore resembles a witch with her awful expressions 

Moore has been trying to compete with Kunis for Kutcher's affections in a losing battle. Kutcher did not want to get married to Moore in the first place, having done so as a business arrangement with the Kabbalah cult both belong to in Hollywood.