Monday, May 7, 2012

Why Is Madonna's Kabbalah Center So Racist And Hateful

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The Kabbalah Center, which has been described as a religious cult by a number of watchdog groups and organizations, has exhibited a pattern of open racism and ridicule for others of different races. Members of the cult that complained to the government, have accused the Kabbalah Centerof using them as "slaves." Once again, the "slave" connotation originates from the abuse and exploitation of blacks.

I have written of the Kabbalah Center's hateful and racistsemails to me, which referred to me as a "nig*er" among other things, whilst expressing a rage filled hatred, threatening to kill me in terrible, painful ways, all constituting hate crimes of the worst order. I have never contacted them and done my best to avoid them, but they have constantly sent deranged members of their cult up to me with death threats and in some cases acts of unprovoked violence.

Then last week, cult member Ashton Kutcher does a racist ad that infuriated many online, forcing its withdrawal from Popchips (AshtonKutcher Slammed For Racist Ad). Then there's racist Kabbalah member, Rupert Murdoch, who owns News Corp, currently embroiled in the phone hacking scandal. Why is this violent, racist cult that has robbed sick and starving Africans out of $60,000,000, while breaking the law at every turn, still allowed to operate.

The answer exists in the bribe racist FBI Director Robert S.Mueller accepted from the head of the cult, Madonna, to cover up the cult's crimes and not prosecute, which Congress knows about, but has looked the other way to in violation of the law. And millions online know about this disgraceful dereliction of duty, which has undermined public confidence in the government, domestically and internationally...