Saturday, May 5, 2012

Marco Rubio's Name Being Suggested As A Potential Vice Presidential Candidate


Mitt Romney 

Popular Hispanic senator, Marco Rubio of Miami, Florida is being considered for the vice presidential candidacy on Mitt Romney's campaign ticket for the White House. If former Massachusetts Governor Romney did indeed ask Rubio and he accepted and it led to a win in the November 2012 presidential election, he would be the first Hispanic Vice President of the United States, which is long overdue. So is an Hispanic President.

Marco Rubio

There are so many Hispanic people in America, who have made positive contributions to the nation. America's presidency and vice presidency should reflect that, as well as other minorities that make-up the nation. People of all races should get a turn to govern.


Barack Obama

Mitt Romney is considered the Republican challenger that will run against America's first black President, Barack Obama, in the upcoming election. President Obama is currently struggling regarding the state of the U.S. economy, which is one of the main issues of the election.