Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Victoria Gotti Defends Disgraced John Travolta But Would Her Racist Homophobic Dad John Gotti Have Wanted The Actor To Play Him In Planned Biopic

John Travolta

Victoria Gotti, the daughter of the late mobster, John Gotti, has slammed the public regarding negative comments about actor John Travolta. The disgraced actor, currently facing three lawsuits for sexual battery against male masseurs, is being criticized all over the internet for his lustful conduct towards unreceptive strangers.  

John Travolta in drag

Gotti stated yesterday that the public should "leave Travolta with his dignity" regardless of whether the allegations are true (but Travolta surrendered his dignity via unseemly conduct). The Judiciary Report also wonders if John Gotti would have wanted John Travolta to play him in the forthcoming biopic of his life. 

Lindsay Lohan, who was supposed to be apart of the John Gotti biopic and Victoria Gotti

John Gotti was a homophobe and a racist, who was caught on a government tape using racial slurs, such as the n-word. Mobsters are often very proud heterosexuals, with great disdain for homosexuality. I'm sure Gotti would have preferred Al Pacino or Robert Deniro playing him in a movie.