Monday, May 7, 2012

Secret Service Prostitute Says She Was Close Enough To View National Secrets

President Obama and members of his Secret Service detail

The fallout from the Secret Service prostitution scandal, involving agents having sex and cocaine with strippers during an official state visit to Colombia, by U.S. President Barack Obama is still going on. Prostitute Dania Suarez, who started the scandal by going to police when a cheapskate agent refused to pay her the full financial amount agreed to in exchange for sex, stated recently, she was close enough to gleam national secrets that pertain to President Obama. The Obama Administration will not be pleased with this news, especially with election season coming up.

Dania Suarez is a prostitute involved in the scandal

Here's hoping this scandal will serve as a lesson for agents to stay away from prostitutes and strippers and remain faithful to their wives. This scandal has tarnished the name of the Secret Service, doing a considerable amount of damage to the agency and President Obama, as political pundits are blaming him for a "lack of leadership" over this incident. 


Secret Service Hooker - I Could've Stolen Top Secret Obama Information

The Colombian prostitute behind the massive Secret Service scandal claims she had access to top secret government info during her tryst with an SS agent -- because he was passed out drunk.

24-year-old Dania Londono Suarez just appeared on wRadio in Colombia, claiming she even had access to the agent's wallet -- because he had fallen into a deep alcohol-induced slumber ... and left all his possessions completely unattended. Dania did not say if she actually rifled through his stuff...